Since its inception, MTRI has been involved in helping communities that are rich in forest resources to understand the value of their woodlands, and the role that certification plays in ensuring woodlands are managed in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Forest Health Workshop

The goals of MTRI’s Woodland Stewardship Program include collaborating with woodlot owners and partners all forestry sectors to identify tangible ways of achieving long-term forest health on private land by:

  • building capacity for best management practices
  • landowner outreach and education
  • forest Stewardship Council certification
  • research into:
  • the status and restoration of old-growth forests;
  • Acadian Forest hardwood regeneration and restoration;
  • barriers to forest management on private land;
  • customer attitudes to and markets for wood products from small scale forest operations and certified woodlots;
  • community forestry; and
  • wildlife habitat, particularly for species at risk.